Whether you are relatively new to the world of wine or a lifelong wine enthusiast, there is nothing like walking between the vines at the vineyards where some of your favorite varietals are grown and then witnessing firsthand how they are meticulously crafted over years. Do you dream of touring Bordeaux or trying Barolos and Barbarescos in Piedmont or Chiantis in Tuscany? Are you hoping to explore the famed Rioja region of Spain or would you like to taste Malbecs and Carmeneres in the shadows of the Alpes in Argentina and Chile? Do you want to go a bit more off the beaten path and spend a week or two in the picturesque winemaking villages of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek in South Africa? Perhaps you are in search of the perfect Pinotage from New Zealand or want to stop in for a meal at the famed French Laundry as you make your way through the Napa and Sonoma Valleys in search of an unparalleled Chardonnay or the ideal Cabernet Sauvignon

At Concierge Travel Advisors, we build unique wine tours to meet your exacting specifications. We have visited every major wine region in the world numerous times and are proud wine aficionados ourselves. As a result, we are able to offer you access to many wineries not typically open to the public. If you like, we can combine your wine experiences with exceptional culinary adventures or an unsurpassed cultural exploration. Concierge Travel Advisors has more than 30 years of experience arranging the world’s finest wine tours.

Taste the rich flavors of the lightly colored reds while you tour the Barolo vineyards of Italy and then hop on a train to Bordeaux to explore the region’s full-bodied flavors while you visit and perhaps stay in the region’s many elegant châteaus. Explore in depth the wine trails of New Zealand with its coastal and alpine vineyards that offer longer than usual ripening periods or set your sights on the vineyards and hiking trails of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek in South Africa’s breathtaking Western Cape.

When Concierge Travel Advisors plans your wine tour, we will ensure you have the most experienced and educated guides and drivers and stay in the very best hotels that match your personal tastes. Leave the stress of planning these incredible experiences to our team, and all you will need to worry about is relaxing and deciding which vineyards, varietals, and vintages really are the best. (And when you do, we will even coordinate shipping bottles or cases home for you!)