For many, an around the world cruise represents the trip of the lifetime, a chance to visit up to 6 continents over 90+ days while only unpacking once and enjoying luxury accommodations and gourmet cuisine throughout your journey. Nevertheless, even when you have decided to leave life behind for 3-4 months and take up residence on the high seas, there are still so many decisions to make to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Concierge Travel Advisors will leverage our decades of expertise to help you decide which itineraries best fit your interests and schedule. We will also assist you in choosing the ideal vessel that will become your home away from home, whether it is a smaller, all-inclusive ship or a larger one with countless activities and an a la carte model.

No two around the world cruise itineraries are identical. You may start out exploring the Caribbean with its rich, diverse island cultures. You may then transit the Panama Canal and travel along the coastline of western Mexico before crossing the Pacific with stops in Hawaii and the South Pacific. After visiting Australia, you may head North once again to tour the unique Philippine Islands as well as Mumbai (Bombay) and the coastline of India, before reaching the Arabian Peninsula. After making your way through the Suez Canal, you may cruise the Mediterranean visiting Greece, Italy and the coastal towns and cities as well as the unforgettable beaches of France, Monte Carlo, and Spain. After passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, you may end your journey with the quintessential cruising experience, an Atlantic crossing.

Embark on the greatest journey of your life with an Around the World cruise. At Concierge Travel Advisors, we will handle all the details for you from choosing the perfect vessel and itinerary to assisting you in selecting or customizing shore excursions to ensuring that your every need is met onboard.